Catskill Lanes, Catskill Promotions

Catskill Lanes, Catskill Promotions

Specials are on Sundays, 9am – noon, $2 a game, 5pm to 9pm, 2 games and shoes, $7 per person. Cosmic bowling on Friday nights from 9:30pm to 11:30pm, $12 a person and includes 2 hours of bowling with the disco lights and music!


HOEBOWL FAMILY FUN CENTERS have something for everyone! We have a center in Catskill.

Whether you’ve never bowled before or you’re an advanced bowler you’ll have a ton of fun while creating a lifetime of great memories with friends and family! We have open bowling, league bowling for all levels, great food, parties, fundraising events, special appearances and more! You want to have fun? At any HoeBowl Family Fun Center, you found the right place!

Good Times

"We had the best birthday party EVER! Everything was perfect and all the kids had a BLAST! Thank you Hoe Bowl!"

By Happy Bowler

November 17, 2010

"I always wanted to join a league, and I'm so glad I did! Monday nights are now something I look forward to and we always have fun at the bar afterward! Holiday Bowl is the BEST!"

By Kingston Bowler

Janurary 2, 2011

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